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Our Core Values

When you select Architectural Arts for your millwork project, we consider you our business partner – a relationship we value above all else and of which we continually strive to be worthy. As our partner, you will appreciate our dedication to service, attention to detail, and unquestionable commitment to the quality of your project – no matter how large or small.

Meet Our Leaders

Calvin Hunt President - Combined Entity
Calvin is the President of All-American Architectural Arts, LLC- the combined entity that was founded by Savannah Vision’s acquisition of Architectural Arts in 2017. Calvin focuses his efforts on providing vision and direction while pulling together the three facilities and 300 employees that make up the new company. His goal is to deliver the customer a “one stop shop” experience by integrating the stone, solid surface, stainless, and custom refrigeration capabilities of our Savannah facility with our millwork operation in Iowa. When he is not on the road somewhere between Emmetsburg, Des Moines, and Savannah he prefers to be on the water, in the woods, or at a live music venue. Whenever possible, he leaves the tough decisions to the “professionals” like Jeff and Jim.

Don Browne Operations Manager
Don has been in the Commercial Millwork business almost forever scouting most of our competition along the way. He has worked his way up in the industry from broom to owner and has gained all the skills needed to run any size project, regardless of how complex. Don enjoys spending time with his wife and two adult children in his spare time. Don is an avid gardener on the side and brings the only healthy food into the office that we ever see.
Jim Broich VP - Business Development
Jim is a founding partner and Vice President of Estimating and Marketing. Jim’s 33 years of experience in commercial millwork make him a well-known expert in the industry. His likeable personality and ability to BS with customers make him the perfect guy to chase new work. He has been an active member of AWI for 25 years and served on the AWI Board of Directors for 6 years. He is also a member of Master Builders and AIA. In his spare time Jim likes relaxing at the lake, fishing and boating. Or you can find him cooking, barbecuing, and enjoying a brew.

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Des Moines Facility

2200 East Ovid
Des Moines, IA 50313-4747
Phone: 515.265.4441
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Emmetsburg Facility

1201 Main Street
Emmetsburg, IA 50536
Phone: 712.852.3752

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