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Our Core Values

When you select Architectural Arts for your millwork project, we consider you our business partner – a relationship we value above all else and of which we continually strive to be worthy. As our partner, you will appreciate our dedication to service, attention to detail, and unquestionable commitment to the quality of your project – no matter how large or small.

Meet Our Leaders

Ted Stuart Owner & Chairman
Ted is a founding partner and Chairman of Architectural Arts. Ted handles the financial side of the business and brings to the table an extensive background in business and marketing from a variety of industries. For his own safety, he is rarely allowed on the shop floor. He is however very handy with a tack hammer and is responsible for hanging most of the pictures in the office. Ted also attempts to hobble around local tennis and racquetball courts in his spare time.
Jeff Stange Owner & President
Jeff is a founding partner and President of Architectural Arts. Jeff oversees most of the office and production operations to make sure all projects get done correctly with a little profit left over. His 24 years of experience in estimating, project management and business provide him with a little knowledge about a lot of things and he's pretty good at making up the rest. In his free time, Jeff likes to hunt and fish but his skills often leave him empty handed or wounded. In his other free time, he's a terrific father to his two children and a B- husband according to his wife.
Jim Broich Owner & Vice President of Estimating and Marketing
Jim is a founding partner and Vice President of Estimating and Marketing. Jim’s 33 years of experience in commercial millwork make him a well-known expert in the industry. His likeable personality and ability to BS with customers make him the perfect guy to chase new work. He has been an active member of AWI for 25 years and served on the AWI Board of Directors for 6 years. He is also a member of Master Builders and AIA. In his spare time Jim likes relaxing at the lake, fishing and boating. Or you can find him cooking, barbecuing, and enjoying a brew.

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Phone: 515.265.4441
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Emmetsburg Facility

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Emmetsburg, IA 50536
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